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Congratulations on the 2017 annual successful seminar for new employees

2017-11-30 00:00:00

   In order to help new employees understand the corporate culture and products more quickly, familiar with the work flow and integrate into the team as soon as possible,we held the 2017 annual successful seminar for new employees on October 6, 2017.

   New employees from various positions of the company participated in the three-day seminar. The contents of the training included the development of Ticom under the opportunity of  The Belt and Road initiative, the introduction of Ticom, the development plan of Ticom and KCC under the development of GSM-R system, the long-term planning of Railway in the 13th Five-Year, enterprise culture, basic business process, basic rules and regulations. Chairman Ji Rongxin was invited to give speech for the opening ceremony of the seminar.
   Deputy general Chen Jianping, deputy general manager Tang Houfu, deputy general manager Yang Qiuming, deputy director general Cao Qian, deputy chief engineer Ni Xiaolong , minister of Finance department Wang Ronghua, deputy Minister of the General Department Zhao Meisi, and  external lecturer Xu Mugen gave wonderful lectures in the seminar, thus providing direction and injecting more motivation for the new employees to be integrated into the company.

   In order to encourage all participants to participate in the classroom actively and create a good training atmosphere, this seminar is carried out in a group way, and “the best group”award and “the best student” award are set up on the basis of the frequency of classroom participation. The “Red Star” team led by Wang Ronghua, " Rockets " team led by Wang Yong, “Attack” team led by Zhang Ping," Eagles " team led by Tian Yang, and " Superpower” team led by Li Zhendong,  participated actively in the seminar and had a a fierce competition. In the last half day of the seminar, the five teams made breakthrough and achieved good performance with excellent team spirit in every expansion project.
   After the seminar was over, each of the trainees expressed their training experience, and many students said that they have met a lot of colleagues, learned a lot of knowledge, and built confidence through this seminar. In the awarding ceremony of “the best group” and “the best learner”,  the" Eagles " team led by Tian Yang won the prize of “the best group”.

   The successful time will come as you go on doing what you like. The ending of seminar is just a beginning.All new employees will strengthen confidence, start again and grow up together with Ticom Tech.


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