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Congratulations on Ticom Tech 2016 Annual Advanced Commendation Conference

2017-05-04 00:00:00

On May 4, 2017,the Youth Day, Ticom Tech 2016 Annual Advanced Individual and Advanced Collective Commendation Conference was held at the company headquarter. The 2016 annual advanced individual, excellent management cadres and advanced collectives were appraised at the Conference hosted by General manager office. Chairman Ji Rongxin and other senior executives attended the meeting and granted the awards for the individuals and collectives.

The first agenda was to award the 2016 annual advanced individuals. 12 employees, such as Zhao Meisi(General manager office), Chen Jia(chief engineer office), Hao Han(product research institute), Zhang Yaqiong(sales company), Cheng Huiling(financial management center), Huang Linlin(manufacturing center) and so on won the awards due to their hard work, customer-oriented attitude, and excellent performance.Tang Houfu and other leaders issued the honorary certificates and trophies to the winners above.

Advanced individuals of the year 2016

The second agenda was to award the 2016 annual advanced management cadres. Liu Xin, minister of technical planning department in Chief engineer office, won the honor with his  optimistic working attitude and outstanding performance. Wu Junshan, the leader of the company, issued the honorary certificate and a trophy to Liu Xin.

Excellent management cadres of the year 2016

The third agenda was to award the 2016 annual advanced collectives. Chief engineer office test department successfully completed the test tasks assigned by the company. In particular, in the case of insufficient team personnel and many technical bottlenecks, the team accomplished the GPRS test project with unremitting exploration and research, stood out in the evaluation contest with various departments and won the advanced collectives award for the year 2016. Ji Rongxin, chairman of the company, awarded the honorary certificate and trophy to the test department.

Advanced collectives for the year 2016

The minister of test department gave a speech for the award

At the end of the meeting, chairman Ji Rongxin congratulated the advanced individuals and advanced collectives., and called on all staff to learn from them, carry forward the spirit of "The May 4th Movement ", inherit the fine tradition, stand on the post and work hard under the guidance of “ new rules, new starting point, new ideas and new Ticom”, and strive to make Ticom become the first-class supplier of railway communication and Internet of things system equipment.

Ji Rongxin, chairman of the board of directors, made a speech

Group picture of the award winners


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