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2018 New Year Greetings

2018-01-05 00:00:00
   How time flies! We have been working very hard in 2017.
   And we will still strive forward in 2018.
   The bell for the year 2018 is about to ring. In this good moment for the new year, on behalf of the board of directors of the company, I would like to greet and bless all the employees who have worked hard for the company, pay high respect to the staff who are still fighting in the front line during the festival, and give sincere thanks to our business partners. I wish you all have a happy new year. 
   Chinese railway has made a series of brilliant achievements in the last 2017:"Rejuvenation" standard EMU which is created by China with independent intellectual property rights allows Chinese high speed rail to bid farewell to the history of the followers and to become the pacemaker. The west line makes such travelling become easier than scaling the blue sky. The Shi Ji high-speed railway promote the four vertical and four horizontal high-speed railway network in China.
   The year of 2017 is an extraordinary year for Ticom Tech,which is also a challenging year. We always implement the new development concept, deepen the reform of the supply side, promote the new pattern of all-round opening up , and strengthen domestic technical cooperation through innovation and optimization under the opportunity of "The Belt and Road" and "long-term railway development plan". Under the guidance of ”new rules, new starting point, New Ticom Tech and new idea”, we have made new progress in market, research and development.
1, we set up the Wuhan representative office, optimized the marketing system and service system, and strengthened the marketing team.            
2, we set up branch offices in Xinjiang, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongjian foundation construction survey and Design Construction Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway Electrification Bureau Group. We have continuously strengthened cooperation with domestic operators, signed the cooperation agreement on Unicom core network room, and realized the scale growth in new market and new business. 
3, we actively promote the business breakthrough of intellectual security: the Intelligent Security 1.0 product is applied in the Qingzang Ningzhong security project for the first time;            
4, we independently developed the digital direct station which passed the certification of the China Railway , and successfully passed the acceptance check of the Taiyuan Bureau. In addition, we won the bid of the Beijing Shenyang railway project for the first time, and seized market opportunities;            
5, the new version of the core network equipment has passed the certification test of China Railway Corporation and has been highly recognized. Now we have applied for and prepare for the second stage test, so as to lay a solid foundation for later installation and maintenance of the new version of the core network. 

6, In 2017, the Ticom Tech was listed in "100 excellent private enterprises", which expanded the reputation of company; in addition, GSM9000a base station subsystem which is independently developed by us is selected as the provincial first set of project;   

7, In 2017, we cooperated with Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Madrid Polytechnic University to jointly apply for a national key development strategic plan -Key strategic international scientific and technological innovation cooperation. We actively strengthen cooperation with well-known foreign enterprises and universities to discuss the development direction of the next generation of railway communication. 

   We will be more united and striving for it. We will be full of confidence and affirmation. We always adhere to the concept of “Science and technology create convenience, innovation drivens development”and take them into practice. We will implement the requirements of "to strengthen railway infrastructure" proposed in the 19th National Congress of CPC and "13th Five-Year" development planning of Railway.  In the "The Belt and Road" policy, we will unswervingly expand overseas market, adjust the business structure, and strive to become a world-class  supplier of railway communication and networking systems and equipment. 
   Let’s enter the new year with confidence, and realize new dreams with new achievements.   
   Finally, I sincerely wish you have a happy new year. Everything goes well with your work. Have a happy family and everything goes well.

   Ji Rongxin            
   Chairman of Nanjing Ticom Tech        
   January 1st , 2018

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