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Consultation & Services

The service is divided into three levels:

Level one:basic maintenance services, such as remote technical support, technical guidance, and on-site solution of complex problems

Level two:a quarterly maintenance and tour inspection on the basis of the first level, which can be seen in"service commitment" for details.

Regular maintenance and inspection tour: we take the initiative to understand and listen to the views of the Council, check the running condition of the system, test the operation index and parameters of the system, deal with the problems and faults put forward by the Bureau, and check the legacy problem, so as to make the system more stable. We analyze the running state of the system, find out the existing problems and solve the problems, and test the acquisition signal at the same time.

Level three: we also provides an annual comprehensive test and calibration for the system on the basis of the second level.

Test and calibration: the monitoring system shall be tested and corrected point by point so as to make the data precision / accuracy and response time reach the requirements of operation index.

Technical support services

Ticom Tech provides technical support services including telephone support, remote support as well as on-site technical support if  necessary.

1.1 telephone support service

Telephone support service provided by Ticom includes telephone consultation and telephone technical guidance.

1.1.1 telephone consultation service

For the non fault problem, our technical personnel will provide consultation reception service(7 days/week, 24h/day) and consultation acceptance service(5 days/week, 8h/day).

1.1.2 telephone technical guidance service

For fault problem,our technical personnel will telephone technical guidance service(7 days/week, 24h/day) to solve the problem of equipment fault for customers.

1.2 remote support service

For the remote monitoring equipment, we will diagnose the equipment at the far end through the telecommunications network, and provide solutions to the problems.

1.3 on-site support service

Our technical personnel arrive at the scene, analyze the causes of fault and make troubleshooting plan. We will assist in troubleshooting on the basis of the replacement plate provided by customer.