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Congratulations on Warmly celebrate the new board listed Thai technology!

2015-07-01 00:00:00

     On June 26th, The opening ceremony for the listing of Nanjing Ticom Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Ticom Tech", Stock Code: 832602) was held in Beijing. Chairman of Ticom Tech(Ji Rongxin), vice general manager of Ticom(Chen Jianping), shareholder of Ticom( Ji Pengcheng(Yuan Qi), director general secretary and finance director( Xu Genluo), and general manager of SME financial services department of Shen Wan Hongyuan investment bank(Yin Baikuan) attended this ceremony and witnessed the important moment of great significance of milestone. We are the fortieth enterprise to land in the new three board in Nanjing, and also the first enterprise to land the new three board in the Jiangsu railway communication industry.

     A total of 15 enterprises attended the opening ceremony. Ticom was the only enterprise from Nanjing. Mr. Yin who was responsible for the listing work, said, “you just see the subjects of China Railway, rail transit and the Internet of things, Ticom has all of them.” As the era of Chinese high speed rail and the Internet plus, Ticom will seize this opportunity based on a new starting point, integrate the superior resources and business, further improve the quality of assets and profitability, and strive to enter the main board market next year.

     Listing the “new three board "means Ticom has taken a significant step. The company will usher in a broader space for development, and form a new overall situation of products, technology and capital through continuous R & D and innovation.

Ji Rongxin , chairman of Ticom Tech

Opening ceremony

Group picture on the scene for the listing ceremony




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