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Aletai Urumqi Railway with G network equipment provided by Ticom Tech is put into operation

2017-06-10 00:00:00

On June 10th, Aletai Urumqi Railway with G network equipment provided by Ticom Tech was put into operation. The supervision and debugging of wireless network equipment provided by Ticom Tech from Beitun to Aletai passed the test. Everyone in Ticom Tech suffered much pressure.  The supervision and debugging were completed 15 days in advance. The technical ability of engineers was fully recognized. Since then, Aletai ended the history without train, and was formally integrated into the railway network.

As an extension of Kui (Tun) North (Tun) railway,  Aletai Urumqi Railway starts from Beitun  station and go across Beitun Town, the Irtysh River, crane River,and then arrives in Aletai City. All the line covers Balibar station and Aletai station. After three years of construction,the railway was put into operation for trial on June 10th,2017.

Aletai is located in the northern part of Xinjiang. It has rich mineral resources and unique tourism resources. With obvious advantage of location, Aletai is an important transportation hub for the Northern Corridor of the Silk Road Economic Belt. After the Aletai Urumqi Railway was put into operation for trial, it shortens the distance between Aletai and other cities of Xinjiang and other provinces. It not only provides a convenient and efficient way for all ethnic groups in the Aletai area to travel, but also plays a important practical role in improving the layout of railway network in the North Xinjiang, improving the traffic and transportation conditions in Aletai area, promoting the development of tourism industry in Xinjiang, and promoting the regional social and economic development. At the same time, as important transportation infrastructure in Silk Road Economic Belt, the railway will play an important role in promoting the interconnection between Aletai and neighboring countries, accelerating the development of the border areas, and promoting the construction of the core area along the Silk Road Economic Belt.


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