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new rules, new start, new ideas and new Ticom--2017 Ticom Tech New Year Party

2017-01-17 00:00:00

    How time flies!The year2016 has become our common memory, and the year 2017 presenting good wishes is on the way. Nanjing Ticom Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Ticom Tech") held the 2017 New Year party at 18:08 on the evening of January 7, 2017 at Nanjing Treasures Holiday Inn. More than 400 guests including Ticom staff and their families, as well as the political and business representatives attended the event, enjoyed the evening feast, and met the arrival of the new year 2017.

     The party was hosted by He Yanke, the well-known host in CCTV "Morning News", which was a biggest shinning point for the whole event. With a refined handsome image and magnetic sound, He Yanke aroused applause from the audience when he came the stage. Thanks to the careful preparation and planning of the preparatory team, the party was very successful with continuous applause.

     At the beginning of the party, Mr. Ji Rongxin, chairman of the Ticom Tech made a new year speech. At first, he expressed a warm welcome and sent sincere wishes for those who participated the party from their busy schedule. Then he said Ticom Tech has made good achievements in 2016 under the macro situation that the national economic development enters into a new normal state, which is closely related to the work hard of Ticom staff and their families, as well as the sustained attention, trust and support of the customers. Then Mr. Ji set up a goal for us to become the world's first-class professional supplier of rail transport and Internet of things system and equipment by 2020. Such emotional and inspiring speech made us full of excitement and enthusiasm.

    At the end of the speech, Jilin invited board members of the company (Tang Houfu, Chen Jianping, Wu Junshan, Yang Qiuming) and Board Secretary( Xu Gen Luo) to come to the stage to express the wishes for the new year.

   The whole party was carried out with alternation of the show and the joys.The party had various forms of shows, including professional performance team and employees and their families: The party started with"4D Laser Dance" which was full of passion in the dark. The human suspending magic show was very exciting; the dance "water ink in the South" was aesthetical and fascinating.The Oasis in Dreams, sung by Li Xiong from a sales company, was like sounds of nature. "Baby model show" performed by Zhang Ling's daughter( Liu Yuehan), the executive director of sales company, was very cute. The street dance performed by Yuan Pengyu from the Guangzhou  representative team,was very cheerful.

   The new media technology was widely used in the lottery draw at the evening party, including "WeChat check-in", WeChat draw” and “WeChat shake”. More than 400 people picked up the phone to shake it together, which was too beautiful. A round of spot lottery draw mobilized the nerve of every guest. Everyone shook hard and won happily, reaching the climax of the party.

    At the end of the party, the MV “Song of Ticom” recorded by our executive team made the party reach the climax. Everyone followed the rhythm and hummed “With the belief of seeking truth and innovation, we have gone through the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains”. With the final words of the song “Our devotion is all over the world, all over the world”, the party came to an end.The guests spent an unforgettable night in the laughter.

    The brilliant year 2016 has gone, and the year 2017 full of hopes and challenges is on the way quietly. Looking back at the past, we have made many achievements.We are full of confidence and passion now. And we will be full of vigour and a fighting spirit in the future. We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of chairman Ji Rongxin, all Ticom staff can adhere to the dream,make continuous innovation, pursue excellence, and strive to become the global first-class professional supplier of rail transportation and networking system  (equipment)by 2020.



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