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The solution of semi-automatic block signal transmission


Relay semi-automatic block system is a common way of railway signal blocking. The occluded outside cables are often stolen and damaged, thus causing great difficulties to the maintenance of the railways and the operation of the train. Ticom Tech has began to develop TSTE64 series Optoelectronic conversion equipment with block information since 2006, so as to solve the problem of relay semi-automatic block signal by single cable transmission channel.

TSTE-64D semi automatic block information transmission conversion device is developed and produced based on “The technical conditions for the application of the inter station security information transmission system in optical communication (temporary)” issued by Ministry of Railways. It provides multiple data transmission channels, such as digital, optical fiber, audio, and so on, on the basis of the cable, so as to ensure the reliable transmission of the block information. It provides a solution of semi automatic block information transmission for more than 20 railways such as Taiyuan South Tongpu railway, JInchi railway, Chengdu Kunming railway, Panxi Railway, etc. 


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