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The solution of leaky cable and antenna monitoring


The solution of leaky cable and antenna monitoring

In order to improve the traffic of GSM-R and ensure the safety of train operation, Ticom Tech developed the railway leakage cable and antenna monitoring system TLMS in China according to the needs of users. We can not only conduct real-time detection and fault location for the leakage cable and antenna in the tunnel, but also provide leakage cable and antenna monitoring solutions for Shijiazhuang Taiyuan railway, Datong Qinhuangdao railway, Central and southern passage and other railways.

Main features

1. it can conduct real-time measurement of LCX / antenna return loss (Return Loss) and ambassador Bobbi (VSWR), and monitor the integrity of leaky cable / antenna;

2. it can locate the LCX / antenna line fault, and the location error is less than 5 meters. It has an accurate grasp of the fault information, so as to improve the efficiency of maintenance;

3. The detection range of the leaky cable is more than 2000 meters, which meets the requirements of railway application.

4. it can be embedded inside the repeater device and reduce the volume and cost.

5. it supports OMC-T unified network monitoring, and the network management has the functions such as LCX / antenna detection data statistics and trend analysis, etc.

Composition diagram of TLMS system

Network management chart of leak detection


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