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Key project - Datong-Xi'an High-speed Railway


On July 10, 2015,the Test EMU CRH380AM-0204 created a record in Shanxi at a speed of 385km/h on Datong-Xi'an High-speed Railway, which shows that Shanxi has entered into a new era of high-speed railway. it also means that the Datong-Xi'an High-speed Railway has been fully prepared to wait for all new types of EMU to try on this rail in the future. 

The railway has used GSM-R high-speed rail repeater and digital cable leakage monitoring and positioning system provided by Ticom Tech for all the weak field blindness. A single network interlacing coverage is adopted to meet the requirements of modern scheduling, the movement of public affairs, the information transmission of vehicle and ground and the train control.  


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