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Key project - Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway


The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is currently the railway with the longest mileage, the largest investment and the highest standards. The railway was put into use in June 2011, with a total length of 1060.6 km and a design speed of 350km/ hour. As the first high speed railway with the world's advanced level in China, it is a major transport channel to link the economic zone of northeast, North China and East China.Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway has adopted the intelligent integrated box-type Internet of things machine room, which are independently developed and produced by our company. Compared with the traditional brick-mixing machine room, the box-type machine room solves the problems such as transportation difficulties of building materials, inconsistency of construction standards, long construction period and big comprehensive investment. With a large number of intelligent and humanized designs, it is a highly integrated product, which fundamentally subverts the construction mode of the traditional outdoor machine room, provides reliable technical support for railway intelligent machine room of China's high-speed railway, and, makes Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway become a beautiful scenic spot. 


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