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Ning’an High-speed railway with “Clairaudient” provided by Ticom is put into operation

2015-12-07 00:00:00

On December 6, 2015, the high-speed railway from Nanjing to Anqing is put into operation. 15 EMU trains will be put into operation on this railway, which goes along the golden waterway of he Yangtze River. It starts from Anqing, goes across the Yangtze River, and arrives in Chizhou, Tongling, Wuhu, Ma'anshan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hefei, and other cities, thus realizing the high-speed railway dream of  people from Jiangsu, Anhui Jiangxi and Hubei.

Sketch map of railway from Nanjing to Anqing

Ning’an Intercity Railway is also called Ning’an High-speed railway, which goes from  NanJing South Railway Station to AnQing Railway Station, with a total length of 257 kilometers. It goes across six cities in Jiangsu and Anhui, so it is known as the "most poetic high-speed railway  in China". The railway starts from the NanJing South Railway Station, and goes across Jiangning west station, Ma'anshan East Station, Dangtu East Station, Wuhu new train station, Yijiang station, Fanchang West Station, TongLing Railway Station, Chizhou station, Anqing Yangtze River Railway Bridge , and arrives at Anqing railway station . The design speed is 250 km / h.

All the Ning’an Intercity Railway adopts Ticom Tech GSM-R repeater, so as to ensure the seamless coverage of communication signals in the bridge and tunnel, and provide a strong guarantee for high-speed railway communication.

In August, the third engineering squad of our company worked under the hot conditions in summer everyday, so that the trial debugging of the equipment successfully passed the acceptance check.

At the joint debugging stage from August 25th to Sept. 10th,

We conducted the test with the car in the daytime everyday, and analyzed the testing data and adjusted the project parameters with Shanghai communication section, construction unit and network optimization unit at night, so as to ensure the full coverage of the high quality communication signal . Finally, we passed the test of China Academy of Railway Sciences.

Due to our hard work and dedication, we successfully completed the delivery of GSM-R Communication system engineering in Ning’an Intercity Railway and guaranteed the smooth opening of Ning’an High-speed railway, thus providing security for a majority of passengers to take the most beautiful high-speed train in a poetic way.


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