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[Industry 4.0] A visit to the SIEMENS Amberg factory

2015-03-20 00:00:00

On the morning of March 18, 2015, Mr. Ji Rongxin, chairman of the Ticom Tech and the Nanjing municipal government team led by Mr. Huang Lan, vice mayor of Nanjing paid a visit to Industrial 4.0 demonstration base-  SIEMENS Amberg factory.

As the world's leading industrial manufacturer, Germany is now closely following the trend of the digital revolution and taking the advantage of the latest technology, so as to promote the development of future industrial manufacturing.

In the intelligent factory with an area of ten thousand square meters, computers and automatic production machines produce tens of thousands of finished products and semi-finished products every day, which are transported to the production lines all over the world. Mr. Deng Bo, the only a Chinese production supervisor in the factory, gave reception to the visitors. He spent half an hour introducing the production capacity, operation process and quality control of the factory, and then showed all visitor around the factory with a detailed explanation.

Mr. Deng said, "Germany is planning to finish the industry 4.0 by 2030, so what you see now is industry 3.X,"Even so, the SIEMENS intelligent factory has brought a lot of shock to visitors, which is not only reflected in its advanced production equipment and exquisite production technology, but also reflected in the meticulous attitude of Germans in work.


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