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The solution of Wireless communication for rail traffic


The digital trunking communication system provides command and dispatch, data transmission and telephone service. It consists of MSO control center, base station subsystem, network management subsystem and signal coverage subsystem. It has the following characteristics:           

It provides the necessary bandwidth, which can send or receive voice and data at the same time without user interface.

It supports a variety of data applications such as digital graphics, image transmission, e-mail and so on.

It can dynamically allocate bandwidth, and a communication link can contain 4 time slots at most.

The communication capacity of each time slot is 7.2kb/s, and the overall transmission rate is up to 28kb/s.

In a physical channel, it can accommodate 4 time division channels, which can receive and transmit data in different time slots, thus improving the spectrum utilization.

With the function of voice and data encryption, it supports open-type channel signaling, which allows access from different vendors to the same public communication channel.

Ticom Tech has developed subway Tetra trunking communication system based on the DEMITRA digital trunking system of Motorola.

The equipment is reliable and the interface is friendly with strong expansibility. With years of experience in the development of railway communication product and the field engineering ,we  provide customers with high quality and satisfactory service.


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