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The solution of the safety monitoring system for the tower


This year, more and more towers have been used in railway communications. However, factors such as crustal movement, harsh climate, aging oxidation, potential human theft and destruction will bring hidden dangers to the tower, which even makes the tower tilt and collapsed.

At present, the traditional maintenance of railway communication tower is regular inspection and artificial observation, which is very necessary for security. However, the above methods are subjective and some parameters are difficult to be measured manually. It is not easy to detect problems in time and cannot meet the needs of real-time monitoring of towers.

In order to eliminate the hidden danger of tower and avoid accidents such as tilt and collapse, it is necessary to use advanced technology and equipment to carry out real-time monitoring for the safety of the tower, thus providing basic reference data for centralized regulation, medium repair and major repair of the tower.


1. To adapt to the bad environment in the field with the working temperature of -40 C ~75 C

2. To support a variety of sensor signals, such as vibration, tilt, snow, wind and settlement etc.;

3. To support cable and wireless transmission;

4. The alarm interface is friendly and can be classified for warning. It supports a series of alarm methods such as voice, SMS, telephone and so on.

5. The system adopts modular design with good extensibility.

6. The monitoring center can manage no less than 350 stations with no less than 100000 monitoring points.

7. To support non contact inspection at the distance of 40 meters.

The three major systems of the tower monitoring system include:

Monitoring system for sedimentation of tower base

Monitoring system for tilted vibration of tower

Warning system for tilted vibration of tower


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