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Internet of things - Smart Home Solutions


Internet of things - Smart Home Solutions    

Based on the design concept of “Fault oriented safety  redundancy back-up and autonomous switching, and the functions of cluster scheduling, forced releasing and forced plug, and PTT, it makes use of Internet of things cloud platform technology, intelligent integrated safety door lock technology and environmental safety detection technology to integrate safe famiy, healthy family and comfortable family, thus creating a new experience of safety, health and comfortable life. 

Safe family

Intelligent routing gateway with dual channel and automatic switching

Home video surveillance system with door control 

Intelligent electronic door lock system

Visual digital door viewer system 

Safe kitchen and bathroom management system

Safe balcony system  

Healthy family

●Intelligent environment control system which can adjust home temperature and humidity, monitor outdoor PM2.5 and indoor light,so as to ensure that you have a comfortable home environment

Comfortable family

In the field of intelligent life,the family life will enter the age of intelligence. Our life will be smarter, more convenient and more centralized.

Intelligent lighting system            

Curtain window control system 


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