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The solution of the Internet of things intelligent machine room


According to the design concept of rapid deployment, energy saving and environmental protection,and integrated management, Ticom Tech integrates military shelter technology and combines the comprehensive application of box type intelligent room, intelligent control, intelligent air, smart security and tower safety , so as to provide an effective solution for the comprehensive construction and maintenance management.

System architecture diagram

System architecture diagram

The features of the box type intelligent machine room:

Manufactured in factory and assembled on site, so as to ensure the quality of products.

The construction of communication room is convenient and time-saving.

It is environment friendly with high- efficient and energy-saving heat insulating material.

It is tidy and beautiful with uniform parts, which is convenient for maintenance.

It is equipped with intelligent air conditioners, smart locks, power distribution facilities etc.

The remote unified management can be achieved through the intelligent door control, video surveillance, and environmental monitoring.


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