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Key project-Shijiazhuang -Taiyuan Passenger Dedicated Line


Taiyuan Passenger Dedicated Line is the first high-speed passenger dedicated line in China, with a total length of 189.93 kilometers. It was put into use in April 2009. All line covers 87 bridges, 32 tunnels, and the length of bridge and tunnel account for 58.7% of all line. Among them, the Taihang Mountain tunnel is currently the longest mountain tunnel in China, which is 27.8 kilometers long, with double holes and single line. It crosses the Yuxiao Mountain, which is the main peak of Taihang Mountain ranges with a height of 1311 meters. The whole line adopts our GSM-R fiber optic repeater and real-time monitoring system for leaky cable state,so as to ensure the seamless coverage of communication signals in tunnels, bridges, and to solve the problem of wireless network coverage in long tunnel. It provides a powerful guarantee for high-speed railway communication. 


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